BCA Consulting, formerly Bell, Cochrane & Associates Extractive Industries, is a consulting practice specialising in extractive industry resource assessment and planning for the quarrying and sand extraction industries.

BCA Consulting has a commitment to providing expert advice using competent people with direct experience in this Industry.

BCA was a founding member of the CMPA and is still very heavily involved in the CMPA and its drive to represent the earth resources industries to the regulators and the community.

The resource assessments we conduct range from regional studies for selection of potential construction material supply sites to detailed evaluation of reserves in existing quarries, pits and undeveloped sites.

The evaluation of reserves can incorporate geophysical and drilling programs to identify and quantify the types of construction materials as well as laboratory studies to define their potential uses and suitability to processing.

Information gained in site assessments is used to prepare development and extraction plans designed to meet market and operational needs and also satisfy regulatory and environmental requirements.

Current clients include major quarry and pit operators, numerous smaller producers, Government and Local Government Authorities, and Financiers.

Work carried out for many of the operators is on a continuing basis involving source materials assessment, development planning and product evaluation.